We invest in founders solving fundamental human problems.

Refactor Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in founders tackling problems in hard but not impossible areas such as applied biology, health, food & beverage, wellness, aerospace, transportation, and more.

We believe that the most valuable opportunity set for startups in the next few decades will be the creative destruction of the status quo in industries that have so far resisted innovation. The way to get there might be different, but these areas are unexceptional in one important aspect: they will yield to progress like all other industries before them.

Conventional wisdom has been that high startup costs, byzantine regulatory structures, and onerous distribution channels made starting a company in these areas nearly impossible. We believe times are changing. Because of software and the accompanying tech innovations of the last decade, starting a company in these areas with seed financing is now a reality.

We invest primarily in seed-stage companies, helping define go-to-market strategies and navigate the various challenges founders encounter. We prefer using our Series Seed docs when leading a round but remain flexible.